Here Are The Details: VACCINE = $500
11:40AM 06/16/2021

We’re offering a one-time $500 spot bonus for getting vaccinated. Here’s how:

// Make a Covid-19 vaccine appointment // Communicate your vaccine date to your shop leader // After you get your FINAL shot, send a pic of your vaccination card to [email protected] // Receive payment!

Refferal Bonus
4:30PM 05/27/2021

Thank You f&m!
6:45PM 03/05/2021

Thank You to the F&M From Bridget
1:00PM 01/18/2021

Message to the F&M From Andy // Events of 01/07
6:00PM 01/08/2021

Message to the F&M From ML // Fight For 15
5:30PM 11/18/2020

Fri. PM Messages to the Tribe From ML
9:00PM 06/26/2020

[Press Release] &PIZZA Doesn’t Want To Sell Pizza
On November 3, It Wants To VOTE

10:50AM 06/11/2020

Providing tools for their internal community to vote, &pizza petitions other restaurants in the QSR space to do the same
Washington, DC (June 11, 2020) – &pizza today announced that they will be closing all locations on November 3, 2020 to encourage their employees and their communities to vote: providing full PTO in the absence of the day being a federal holiday in voiced solidarity and support for civic engagement. Having provided PTO to vote in 2016 and 2018, &pizza is taking things a step further in the 2020 election by closing their shops in totality. After learning from the complicated coordination needed when juggling multiple requests for time off across several locations, cities, and states, &pizza is determined to make as frictionless an experience as possible by removing work-related impediments and closing shop operations for the day. Despite the fact that 71% of Democrats and 59% of Republicans support making Election Day a federal holiday, it is currently not listed amongst US official PTO days. Because of this, &pizza will additionally petition other restaurants within the QSR space to do the same in order to establish a private holiday amongst the industry and allow their workers the opportunity to cast their votes. The fast casual + fast food dining space was one of the few industries that could continue business during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, and, in some cases, was also one of the few that made a profit during the crisis. As employers to 10% of the US workforce – largely represented by minority groups – and the second largest private employer, &pizza’s peers in the restaurant industry are being encouraged to provide this time off as an act of not only patriotic duty, but of gratitude for those that maintained their businesses at great risk to themselves. “&pizza employs over 700 people across several states, and we want to make sure they have our support alongside the necessary resources to enact the change they want to see in the 2020 election,” said Michael Lastoria, CEO and co-founder of &pizza. “Our democracy has been pushed to its limits, and we want to empower and educate our workforce to assert their voice at the polls. With the industry’s help, we can provide a much larger opportunity to do what’s right, and what’s needed in this country for this election and moving forward.” PTO on Election Day will be offered on top of the existing PTO employees receive, and in addition to the three days of PTO offered for employees to participate in activism of their choosing. Voting is a celebration not a chore, and &pizza remains dedicated to providing the most for their employees while participating in the greater good. About &pizza &pizza is a mission-driven, culture carrying community dedicated to better flavor, quality ingredients, and community betterment. Proud to differentiate themselves, &pizza is doing more for their workers by providing a livable wage, a socially conscious vision, and real action to help advance real social progress. &pizza has locations across the East Coast in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. Press Contact: Katie Case, [email protected]

Thu. PM Message to the Tribe From CCJ
9:15PM 06/04/2020

Sat. PM Message to the Tribe From Andy
2:15PM 05/30/2020

Fri. PM Messages to the Tribe From ML
8:45PM 05/29/2020

Washington Wizards’ Isaac Bonga Feeds Kramer Middle School!
2:30PM 05/28/2020

Protect Yourself + Each Other // Practice Social Distancing
Stay 6′ (or 4 boxes) apart!

4:30PM 05/22/2020

In-Store Pickup Meets Social Distance

12:30PM 05/21/2020

How To Face Mask

12:40PM 05/20/2020

How To Face Shield
11:20AM 04/24/2020

In-Store Pickup Meets Social Distance
4:30PM 04/21/2020

Devon Levesque Presents andfitness
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00AM (ending Jun 11)

6:45PM 04/20/2020

How To Face Mask
10:00AM 04/20/2020

Wed. PM Check-in from ML
8:45PM 04/15/2020

H Street: Where It All Began!
7:45PM 04/14/2020

Free Programs for Your Body, Mind, and Chill
6:40PM 04/14/2020

& Community, Thank you. For standing by us in this troubling time. For helping us lift up those in need. COVID-19 has pushed all of us to the brink, testing our grit, our strength, and our conviction. So, to provide some relief for you, today we’re announcing three new programs: // &fitness We’ve partnered with celebrity fitness trainer Devon Levesque to provide 2 free workouts per week for the community. Beginning on April 21st, Devon will lead virtual home sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM EST. Just fill in your information here, or request @DevonLevesqueDaily on Instagram. // &wellbeing Through a partnership with Talkspace, the remote therapy platform, we’re giving those who want it a free membership and helping connect you with someone to talk to throughout this anxious time. Health is wealth; mental health especially. // &leisure We’re putting 20$ per month toward your subscription needs. Netflix and chill? Spotify and chill? Meditate and chill? Whatever you need to get through this, we want you to have it. We hope these programs can begin to reflect our gratitude for your tireless work. Calm, informed, & thankful to work alongside you. ML

[Press Release] &pizza and Citi Work Together
to Open New Hero Kitchens and Expand Program to Reach More Frontline Workers

6:20PM 04/13/2020

&pizza’s Hero Kitchens powered by Citi will provide up to 100,000 free pies directly to hospital workers at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic
New York, NY (April 13, 2020) – &pizza and Citi today announced they’re joining together to launch &pizza’s Hero Kitchens powered by Citi, part of &pizza’s Hero Pie Program, to thank the doctors, nurses, administrators, cleaning staff, and everyone working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hero Pie Program, created by &pizza in March, was one of the first responders to the first responders, providing thousands of free pies per day to hospital heroes in &pizza’s geographical footprint. Citi’s support will allow &pizza to expand the Hero Pie Program to the Philadelphia and Baltimore markets as well as convert select stores to Hero Kitchens. These kitchens will spend 100% of their time producing Hero Pies for hospitals. &pizza’s Astor Place location in New York will be the first Hero Kitchen powered by Citi. Together these efforts are projected to produce over 100,000 free pies for hospital workers on the frontline who are keeping us safe. “These are perplexing times, and we all have to decide how we will respond to unprecedented adversity,” said Michael Lastoria, Founder of &pizza. “At &pizza we made our choice. We’re doubling down on what we’ve always said we stand for – standing with our communities, doing our part to lift up those who have always lifted us. Once we had taken care of our workers, the next step was clear – take care of those with the most urgent need right now, frontline workers. We’re proud to partner with Citi, to continue these efforts at a larger scale to be able to serve more of the people keeping us safe.” “In the face of this unprecedented pandemic, it is those on the frontlines who are keeping the rest of us safe,” said Carla Hassan, Chief Brand Officer at Citi. “&pizza stepped up early and without hesitation to feed hospital workers, and we’re proud to join forces to make sure they stay fed. It is just one way Citi is expressing how grateful we are for all they do. Even if we’re apart, we’ll get through this together.” &pizza’s Hero Kitchens powered by Citi will kick off today, April 13th. To participate in the Hero Pie Program and provide free pizzas to hospital workers along the east coast, text #feedthem to 200-03 to place an order for delivery. &pizza is committed to creating a movement around feeding those on the frontlines of this pandemic. They’re calling on other restaurants and non-profit organizations to partner with them in supporting community kitchens across the United States. About &pizza &pizza is a mission-driven, culture carrying community dedicated to better flavor, quality ingredients, and community betterment. Proud to differentiate themselves, &pizza is doing more for their workers by providing a livable wage, a socially conscious vision, and real action to help advance real social progress. &pizza has locations across the East Coast in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. About Citi Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management. Additional information may be found at | Twitter: @Citi | YouTube: | Blog: | Facebook: | LinkedIn: Press Contacts: &pizza: Katie Case, [email protected] Citi: Katie Doshi, [email protected]

CAUTION: Tribe At Work!
1:30PM 04/10/2020

Stop Drop + Wash! Every 30 Min
9:30AM 04/09/2020

Wed. PM Check-in From ML
9:40PM 04/08/2020

Wed. PM Check-in From Andy
9:40PM 04/08/2020

How To Tamper Proof for Quality AND Peace of Mind
12:55PM 04/06/2020

Ask Me Anything Pt. 2: ML
9:50PM 04/05/2020

Ask Me Anything Pt. 1: Andy
8:50PM 04/02/2020

Always Wash With Care Before Taking Care of Business
2:50PM 04/01/2020

Proper Precautions Welcomed // Masks + Gloves
10:00PM 03/31/2020

Protect Yourself + Each Other // Practice Social Distancing
Stay 6′ (or 4 boxes) apart!

5:30PM 03/31/2020

Sun. PM Thank You to the Tribe From ML
9:00PM 03/29/2020

Sat. AM Thank You to the Tribe From Andy
11:00AM 03/28/2020

Dropping Some #HeroPies on Howard University Hospital
4:40PM 03/27/2020

ML on Tribe Unity Pay Details
8:30PM 03/26/2020

Flatten the Curve, But Keep Your Spirits High!
5:30PM 03/26/2020

Update: DC Moving to Shelter in Place
&pizza still operating delivery and carryout as essential business

9:15PM 03/25/2020

Stay Rona Free! Wash Your Hands the Right Way
1:45PM 03/25/2020

…And Rock Uniform Right!
1:45PM 03/25/2020

&pizza Donates Pizza to GW Hospital
6:00PM 03/24/2020

Update: NYC moving to shelter in place.
&pizza still operating delivery and carryout as essential business

1:30PM 03/20/2020

How’s &pizza looking out for Tribe health + safety?
3:30PM 03/18/2020

// Reinforcing cleanliness in shop + frequency for handwashing procedures // Increasing glove supplies for expanded policies + usage // Introducing cleaning agents that more effectively address high-contact areas // Following recommended guidelines from public health officials + flexing operations to meet and in certain cases exceed those guidelines // Making sure we all stay healthy and safe by introducing paid sick time policies in all of our states // Taking care of you by encouraging any employee who doesn’t feel well to use paid sick time so you can stay home, rest + get better // Providing Tribe Health + Safety pay to all affected Tribe members if we close a shop out of an abundance of caution + team members stay home/shelter in place for 14 days // Watching out for all Tribe members by leveraging this policy to provide pay if we are required to close altogether by the federal government Unity Pay // When does it start? 3/16 // How does it work? // You get an additional $1 per hour. Includes paid time off + paid sick time // Overtime will apply to eligible worked hours // This additional $1 per hour will also be applied to any paid time off, including sick time // When will I see it on my check? // All hours worked from 3/16 – 3/29 will be paid on the 4/3 paycheck // In NY, Tribe members on a weekly payroll will see the increase on their 3/27 check Lyft // When does it start? 3/16 // How does it work? // Register here // Promo Codes will appear in YOUR Lyft app within the next 24 hrs // Fare schedules: // Eligible DC, MD + VA employees will receive $5.00 rides to/from work up to a maximum of $18 per ride. Single fares in excess of $18 will be the responsibility of the employee. For example, my total fare to work was $24.00. I pay the initial $5, &pizza covers $13 + I pay the remaining $6.00. // Eligible employees in other markets will receive $5.00 rides to/from work up to a maximum of $23.00 per ride. Single fares in excess of $23 will be the responsibility of the employee. For example, my total fare to work was $24.00. I pay the initial $5, &pizza covers $18 + I pay the remaining $1.00. // Having trouble with your Lyft credit? Text us 20003 #tribefirst

Article Via The New York Times
11:23AM 03/14/2020

A Message From Michael Lastoria
9:30PM 03/13/2020

Tribe, None of us get to choose the challenges we face each day, but we do get to choose how we respond: // as individuals // as shops // as a Tribe And this current challenge is particularly difficult: we face a virus that we are still learning about, in a climate of social and economic uncertainty, and rapidly changing information, but inspired by unity. I wanted to personally reach out to you, as one of you, to explain as clearly as possible some of the things that we’re doing, for at least the next 30 days, to support you all as we face this challenge together. These measures are about staying open, serving our community, and putting Tribe first: // Free pizza — feeding you (not just while on shift) and your immediate family with unlimited pizza; we’re committed to keeping you and yours well-fed during this time // Unity pay — elevating the hourly wage by $1 for all shop-level staff (shop leaders, shift leaders, & Tribe); we’re committed to making sure your wallet is the least of your worries // Lyft — extending our ‘Lyft for Late Night’ benefit ($5 one-way trips) to all shops, all Tribe, every day; we’re committed to helping you get to-and-from // Mass-transit disruption — paying the costs to get you to-and-from; we’re committed to keeping your commute uninterrupted // Sick Leave — expanding our policy for new Tribe members to use immediately, and for everyone to use in caring for loved ones or for providing childcare in the event schools are closed; we’re committed to being flexible with you, your responsibilities, and your needs // Text-line support — sharing daily updates via all-Tribe text messaging on the current challenge and how we’re facing it together; we’re committed to meeting this uncertainty calm, informed, and together // Closing H.Q. — closing our support offices and deploying our teams to the pizza shops in support of you; we’re committing to being on-site, shoulder-to-shoulder, together And, maybe most importantly: // 14-day health + safety pay — available to any Tribe member diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19, as well as those that may have come in contact with someone that has been diagnosed with it. But our kind of unity has never been just about what we do for ourselves: it’s also what we do for others in our community. Like with last year’s Government Shutdown, this year we’re supporting those on the frontline of this challenge — Hospital Workers — with free pizza. Doctors. Nurses. Administrators. Cleaning staff. All brave medical personnel who are directly confronting this challenge in support of our safety and security. Beginning this Monday, March 16th, we’re welcoming them to join us in shop to get their free pizza — just present a valid ID. If they are unable to leave their respective posts, please share this message, and have them text us at 200-03 #hero to obtain a unique code to get the pie delivered. For the rest of our guests we are offering free delivery on all orders from here on out. It’s a lot to take in, I get that. So, if you have any immediate questions about all this — really, anything that’s worrying you — text #tribefirst to 200-03 and we’ll hit you back with the best possible answers we can. I can also be reached on my cell phone — 917.647.0923 My pride for you all at this moment of challenge is high and I have a great sense of hope that we’ll make it through this stronger than we entered. That’s why these measures are being taken. To put hope to action. Calm, informed, & together, ML