& // Friday 




Congratulations!!  Yesterday (Friday, Sept 25th) represents a new record for us, with the highest gross (~$154K) and net (~$129K) sales since early March.  I recognize it was a challenging day in many of our shops and for our GX team; by all accounts we did an outstanding job of rolling with it and delivering a great experience both in-shop and on the textline! 


It's always exciting when we outperform expectations; we also know that accurately forecasting a day like yesterday will help us be even more effective the next time.  We will dig into the numbers, do the analysis, and share our learning on everything you all saw yesterday in your shops.  We have already paused some promotional marketing to help lighten the load this weekend as well.  We also acknowledge that some of you are going to be running tight on products on Sunday; thanks in advance to the entire team for coming together to help solve those challenges and the inevitable "farmer's market" tomorrow morning.


Please share our appreciation with your teams!  We're likely to have a busy weekend, so our collective mood going into it will have a lot to do with how we perform.


Thank you for your leadership, and for inspiring me by continuing to fight for growth!


Andy Hooper