Class Is Adjourned
Teacher’s Appreciation Week was a bop!

Here are some of our favorite nominations, full of appreciation!

J. Dupuis! She was a bossy older sister who I stole all my clothes from. Now she’s putting that bossy attitude to tell kids to listen to her and those weird 2008-esque patterned clothes into combos kids love and reading stories about cats going grocery shopping on YouTube for her kids to watch at home during quarantine.”

“I would like to Nominate teacher J. Lowe. She is a 3rd grade teacher. She is a fun loving teacher who works hand in hand with parents and students to make education fun and impactful. During the quarantine she has developed scavenger hunts, virtual field trips, YouTube videos, small classroom virtual sessions, 1-2-1 meetings just to name a few. She is also sending gift to the students and is very responsive. I know she is quarantining alone and would love to hopefully lift her spirts!”

J. Jones he is dedicated to his students success and even calls just to check in with them. He sets up zoom calls where students can hang out and talk. #BlackMenTeach”

D. Johnson is an amazing educator! She has been a teacher for 12 years in the District of Columbia Public Schools! She is an excellent teacher and mentor to other teachers helping them to improve their craft. She is celebrated in our district having been recognized yearly as a highly effective educator as well as having been awarded the coveted Rubinstein Award for Teaching. During this Distance Learning time, she was selected by the Washington Teachers’ Union to prepare and teach students lessons through our a local television affiliate FOX 5 DC. Her motto is “Anything for our scholars!” I believe she should be selected because she is the epitome of “Super Teacher” and I proud to know her and call her friend!”

F. Lopes is my co-teacher and the most amazing SPED teacher I’ve worked with. She has gone above and beyond to help me and, more importantly, to support her students. Plus, she is OBSESSED with &pizza.”

S. Phillips is a great mother and patient teacher who started working with children who were incarcerated and ended her 30 year career working with special education student with autism.”

“I’m nominating myself haha. I’m a kindergarten teacher in Ashburn, VA. I’ve been teaching 14 years and 9 in kindergarten. I’m also a huge &pizza fan and so are my own two kids (age 3.5 and 17 mo)”

J. McCoy. She’s an awesome math teacher in Southeast DC! Even before covid-19 she always went above and beyond to give her kids access to learning experiences that their zip code often deprived them of. She’s been working super hard during distance learning and she deserves all the praise!”

H. Castro, thank you so much for never giving up on me. Thank you now for being my teacher, friend, and colleague.”

“My name is L. Maria. I work as an English teacher teaching under privileged kids in the Takoma Park area. I’m blessed to be teaching everyday and still have a job! Winning this contest would just be icing on the cake.. Or sauce on the pizza lol”

“I’d like to nominate L. Epps-Carey. She teaches little kids for DCPS and this is her first full year. She spent a long time putting herself through grad school and worked really hard to become a full time teacher. Everyday during covid she zooms with her kids and keeps them smiling and excited about learning, while getting texts from the parents who don’t know what to do with their kids. She is amazingly selfless and helps everyone in her life as much as she can. Recently she has been helping me to plan a school supply drive for when the kids go back in September. She is so deserving of this award, she’s one of the best people I know! Thank you!”

A. Hassan, she’s a mom of 2 (ages 6 and 3). Her 6 year old is autistic and she’s managing his school curriculum from home while trying to keep up with her 3 year old and working from home full time as a paralegal. Her husband has stage 4 cancer so she’s also trying to balance his doc appts and everyday chores and tasks while keeping the family safe. She’s doing it all with a smile and the kids are learning and thriving everyday.”

K. Lupari goes above and beyond when it comes to educating our nation’s youth. She spends countless hours after school working assisting other teachers as the 3rd grade team lead. In these difficult times, she has helped comfort her students by delivering goodie bags to each of their 28 doorsteps on a Saturday afternoon as they all shout “I miss you!”. She is loved by all of her students and faculty and will make an everlasting impact on her students.”

B. Washington has been an educator for seven years now. He has taught music with a nonprofit in Washington DC, instructs the drum line for a university marching band, and has even been a temporary Music teacher. He loves to create fun, energetic, and loving environment for students to learn and build relationships!”

“I nominate my AP biology teacher, Ms. Reitz, because she pushed me to become more confident in studying the sciences after graduating. I now hold a degree in neuroscience and will be graduating next spring! Thanks Ms. Reitz :)”

“My mom, is a great parent, educator, wife, provider, aunt, godmother, cousin and friend. She does so much for everyone and it would be great if she was recognized for it. Her name is J. Silva

“I want to nominate my colleague, N. Hammond. He is the teacher who is positive, everyday, regardless of circumstance. Before Covid, I would come into our school building each morning and see him rehearsing his lessons for the day so that he could deliver each lesson at his very best. I was his homeroom buddy before Covid and supported him with tasks like attendance and homework tracking. There were many days this year where I was pulled in many directions. Without hesitation, he would pick up the responsibility quietly never asking for more. Most importantly, he grew tremendous relationships with his students. He danced with them in the morning and had a question of the day that drove strong inclusion and community. He knew every students’ birthday and decorated their desks. He learned their talents and interests and then created spaces for them to harness that talent. For instance, he opened the last fifteen minutes of the day for a group of girls to practice dancing together. These girls have gone on to perform both in and out of school. He is the teacher that every student went to say hi to, even if they weren’t in his class much less their grade. Every student needs a teacher like Mr. Hammond and I am incredibly lucky to teach by his side.”

My best friend is not only a mother and awesome god mother, she is also a SpEd teacher and have been working hard distant teaching her autistic students.”

“I nominate L. Johnson for being the best paraprofessional. She always goes far and beyond her duties.”

“Pizza for life for her means pizza for life got her students. E. Eichel, a K-6 Special Education teacher in Fairfax, Va., has gone above and beyond in this chaotic climate, cultivating her kids’ development with a dynamic and engaging curriculum that not only challenges them to flourish away from the classroom but also encourages them to relish this unique opportunity to learn alongside their parents. She maintains daily contact with parents to ensure they understand their child’s performance and how it relates to their personalized learning journey. As for her kids, she’s never far away, offering personalized sessions, virtual check-ins, tutoring sessions and more. Just today, she surprised a student (social distancing, of course) for his birthday by bringing him his favorite snacks and a poster collage of them. She. Is. Amazing.”

B. Prince from Washington DC works tirelessly to support her students and engage them from showcasing the butterfly life cycle from her home and inspiring them to learn about space with peeps. And she doesn’t look tired, she always is bubbly!”

M. DeLorimier is the best teacher I know! She genuinely cares about her students and helping them learn to their potential”

M. DeLorimier! She’s cool and awesome. She really cares about her students and they’re lucky to have such a caring cool teacher 👩‍🏫”

R. McNaull. Special ed teacher and local screening chair who has been putting in long days teaching kids and helping families with special ed kids. (And being an awesome wife and mom to our family!)!”

L. Benton-Short – Professor of Geography. She goes above and beyond for her students who are passionate about the subject!”

“I nominate my partner C. Juarez, who teaches 11th and 12th grade math (Algebra 2 and AP Calc). He cares so much about his students and helping them build the foundation to succeed in math and life. His patience impresses me every day, and he is a truly passionate educator!”

“I nominate M. Toma who was my 5th grade teacher and is at home teaching still till this day and during this Pandemic!”