We're opening our shops

slowly, surely, and, above all, safely.

With these easy-to-follow steps:
 - Put a mask on before entering (we're wearing 'em too)
 - Use some hand sanitizer upon entering
 - Say 'hi' to the Tribe member there to answer your questions
 - Ordered online or picking up? Follow the purple squares
 - Ordering to-go or to-stay? Follow the green squares
 - Follow the exit signs when you gotta bounce

Also, worth noting:

Dining-in is only at locations with patios
Keep ya social distance: only 1 person/family per box when standing in line
We turned the fountain sodas off, but keeping our drink merchandisers stocked
We wrapped all utensils and put 'em by the cashier
We placed a plexiglass barrier at the point of sale
We're boxing up all orders with tamper-proof stickers

Questions? Text us (200-03)

We're not about this forever.
Just about you, your safety, and your pizza, for real.